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Mass Designers have generated graphic identities and their application to signage, marketing collateral, outreach materials, campaigns and digital communications


We can originate or evolve an existing an identity and its application across your business in different forms as we have a great deal of experience in working with graphic identities for a wide range of hospitality, leisure, wellness and retail environments. We have worked with both entrepreneurs and corporations to design and implement clear, graphically distinct identities that effectively communicate a business name and 'personality'.

We have generated complementary graphic communication collateral, including support imagery generation and selection, promotional materials, illustrations and photography, hard copy brochures and literature, business cards and letterhead stationery in support of the main identity. We can act as a 'brand guardian', providing the single point of contact and control all art direction, maintaining the ownership and vision for the identity, on your behalf.

We have successfully developed and realised three-dimensional interpretations of many new graphic identities for application and signage or other materials for application to buildings, shop fronts and display areas.

Finally, we will act on your behalf during the implementation period to ensure all identity design objectives are met and realised in accordance with the design concept.

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