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Mass Designers created the luxury interiors for this private members fitness club and studios in North West London. Part of a golfing complex, this facility shares its changing areas with other sports users. A concrete structure meant a column free space but all services were required to be surface mounted or hidden from sight. Mass devised an ingenious cladding panel system to disguise the services and all power/ comms and AV were supplied through illuminated stainless steel columns - to group training hubs.

The flooring to the main gym is mixture of polished concrete and micro bacterial carpet creating a blend of industrial and luxurious finishes. Timber cladding is finished with a 'lacewood' veneer and the new studios incorporated hardwood sprung floors in 'rosewood', with a ceiling feature coffer and programmable lighting.

A freestanding gym managers desk and reception point were created adjacent to the entrance area, together with a members area and notices, formed around existing structure. Additionally, a consultation and sports treatment and therapy room were formed in one corner of the gym and the exterior 'clad' in silver vinyl.​

With carefully considered lighting and bespoke joinery features, this personal member's fitness club offers a stunning and convivial environment to train, work out and socialise.

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