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Home Space

Mass Designers have accumulated significant experience in creating unusual and beautiful homes. We have worked primarily with private property owners/ developers to create distinctive and contemporary interiors that stimulate the senses and provide an important haven of tranquillity and relaxation.

We give detailed consideration to every aspect of the design of the residence and also address the practical needs of the home. We provide bespoke solutions for all areas of the home from spatial planning and layout to the detail design of feature joinery including storage, bookcases, media rooms, home gyms (and workout studios) and all aspects of kitchens.

We are well versed in working with other specialist consultants and suppliers, including structural, mechanical, and electrical and public health engineers and specialist kitchen manufacturers and loft extension companies.

For us, the lighting, materials and finishes, furniture and furnishings, doors and hardware, kitchen design, circulation areas, exterior spaces, bathrooms and closets, storage and living spaces are all part of one great integrated solution, for which we can act as the single point of contact, maintaining the ownership and vision for the project on your behalf.


We are passionate about creating unique and memorable spaces and so will employ all our creative forces to create a distinct concept and residence that is appropriate, stimulating and rewarding! We will create all the construction information required to accurately cost and implement your project, liaising with regulatory and statutory bodies to gain permissions, licences and consents, including planning and conservation consent.

Finally, we will act as 'design guardians' during the construction period to ensure all design objectives are met and realised on your behalf.


Whether a new property, refurbishment or extension, please contact us to discuss how we can contribute further to your Residential project.

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