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Mass Designers devised the identity and interiors for this small chain of multi-level bars and restaurants in London and Manchester. The sites varied from new build shell to existing refurbished Victorian architecture, complete with new services, shop frontages and external dining areas.

Flat TFL screen technology has been incorporated to promote menus, events and promotions in place of static printed media, with complex programmed lighting to create distinctly different areas for relaxing, dining and socialising.

In each location with this operator the food service areas are directly adjacent to the bar, maximising staff utilisation. All chilled bottled beer storage was incorporated into the front bar so that at the point of dispense, face-to-face contact is maintained between staff and customer.

Bespoke furniture and seating, together with unique lighting solutions and hidden staff only access doors and joinery devices, were utilised to create unusual and distinctive locations, including special event/ basement nightclub areas named 'sublime'.

With raised ceiling rafts to conceal heating, ventilation and air conditioning, bespoke light fitting pendants, jumbo glass marbles as cladding and polished copper encasements, the memorable Lime interiors look unlike any other bar interiors.

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