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Clinton Pritchard


I established Mass Designers in 2007 to provide creative and inspirational design solutions for our clients. I have been designing commercial and private interiors since 1985 and have accumulated a mass of technical and construction knowledge, which has been utilised in support of many creative design concepts.

I am still excited by the power of the 'sketch' and making marks on paper.

As a designer I have a unique communication gift and responsibility, to imagine and realise three-dimensional spaces for our clients.

I am actively involved in all stages of the design evolution process from inception to completion. I am at the heart of developing the 'personality' for all our projects and am justifiably proud of all the projects we have built.

Mass Designers has allowed me to meet many talented individuals and clients, who have encouraged my contributions, whilst sharing their insights and specialisms on a wide variety of projects.

When not actively engaged in designing, drawing, planning and resolving site related issues, I will be found exploring new sights, smells, textures and anything that arrests the senses!

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