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DvH Penthouse

Mass Designers provided inspiration, detailed design and lots of innovation for this functional penthouse in Shoreditch, London. Sitting atop an original printing works, planning permission was achieved to build on the roof of this concrete framed structure and fire escape stairs and internal lifts were adapted and extended to deliver access to the penthouse directly form the ground floor lobby.

The spaces were conceived as having feature walls and doors that could be hidden/ closed to provide an open-plan environment where all internal spaces are interconnected. However, with secret doors and closures the space adapts into a two-bedroom apartment.

Guest beds are secretly located in storage walls as are workspace office desk options, as is exercise and training equipment. A sliding upholstered feature screen in the main living space hides all Audio Visual equipment from view.

With paint finished storage units combined with delicate willow veneer and american black walnut a truly luxurious and sophisticated space has been created.

The master bedroom is accessed over a glass floor with a faceted and pivoting hardwood timber door screen to appear as wall cladding - when open.

Numerous skylights with integral lighting were utilised throughout, in addition to hiding critical services infrastructure within the scalloped roof void.

A bespoke Kitchen design conceals major structural steelwork to support the central island cantilevered worktop, with additional specialist finishes and materials. The kitchen area adjoins the dining and living area without interruption. Additionally, a front and rear external terrace complement the redevelopment work allowing for panoramic views over the City of London.

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