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Mass Designers assisted this national chain (later incorporated into the GLL Better gym estate) from start up with its first location in Dorset, through to 8 sites around the UK. We also designed the Fitspace identity, (devised as a roundel motif) and all marketing communications to bring bright, 'punchy' empathetic messaging to the budget gym market.

A fundamental operating requirement was 'self-joining', both remote and local and therefore a pre-entry lobby was created as a designated 'join zone' at the front of every club.

A vibrant and bright decorations colour scheme of yellow, lilac, red, blue and white allowed our client to adapt and operate from a number of locations with a low cost investment, with finance injected primarily into equipment, graphics and flooring. Though a highly competitive market, this branded operator successfully continued to trade well, even with other closely positioned gym operators.

Each site brought its own spatial challenges but common principles were adopted across the estate and occasionally an alternative interpretation was required, such as the adaption of a Grade II listed property in Nottingham.

With carefully considered lighting and bespoke joinery features, this budget gym chain offers a bright and enthusiastic environment in which to exercise, train and work out.

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